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When the states sued the tobacco industry to recover funds expended by the states to pay the health costs of tobacco-related illnesses suffered by their citizens, the states repeatedly asserted that their intent was to use these funds for health-related programs, particularly for persons who suffered from these diseases and to prevent tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke. The vast majority of persons who have and continue to suffer from tobacco-related diseases are older persons. Therefore, TCSG is committed to assuring that a fair share of the tobacco settlement funds are allocated to health-related programs for older persons and to tobacco prevention and cessation programs for persons of all ages.

This site is intended to provide up-to-date and comprehensive information about how the states are allocating the tobacco settlement funds they receive; this is done through our Daily Updates. In addition, detailed information is provided on the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) which is the tobacco settlement agreement, and on the allocations over the next 25 years of the settlement funds to the 50 states and territories. The site also provides Recent News concerning the settlement funds and links to related sites.

Information on other sections of this site, particularly the sections on "Tobacco & Older Persons: Fact Sheets, etc.," "Tobacco-related Health Problems & Older Persons," and the articles in the "Tobacco & the Elderly Notes newsletters," are intended to provide advocates and policymakers with information which can be easily used to establish a strong case for settlement funds being used for programs for older persons and for tobacco prevention and cessation programs. We encourage you to make use of these materials.

This site is divided into the following main sections:

Tobacco Settlement Funds: Daily State Updates

CDC Report -- Investment in Tobacco Control: State Highlights 2001

Recent News about Tobacco Settlement Funds

Tobacco Settlement Funds: Total Funds by State

Link to Annual State Settlement Payment Schedule site

MSNBC site with info on Settlement Funds & Tobacco Taxes

Links to Sites with Tobacco Settlement Funds Info

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