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This site is intended to provide comprehensive information on and access to materials concerning tobacco and older persons, including fact sheets, a detailed bibliography of tobacco and older persons articles, copies of TCSG's two posters to raise consciousness about the impact of tobacco on older persons, and various articles and information on this topic. Additional materials will be added to this site on a regular basis.

For specially targeted information on tobacco and communities of color, go to the Tobacco & Adult Minorities section of this web site.

For a wide variety of easy to read articles on tobacco and older persons, go to the Tobacco & Elderly Notes Newsletter section of this site. The articles in these newsletters, published by TCSG, may be utilized for your own publications and to develop public policy papers on this topic.

This site is divided into the following main sections:

Fact Sheet on Tobacco & Older Persons

Surgeon General's 2004 Report on the Health Consequences of Smoking; New Report Expands List of Diseases Caused by Smoking

Older Americans 2004: Key Indicators of Well-Being -- A Report by the Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics

CDC Report of October 2006 on State-Specific Prevalence of Current Cigarette Smoking Among Adults and Secondhand Smoke Rules and Policies in Homes and Workplaces -- United States, 2005

CDC Report of May, 2004 on Cigarette Smoking Among Adults -- United States, 2002; Includes >65 smoking rate

Information on Older Persons from Census 2000: Included on this site are AoA-compiled tables based on Census data and links to the Census Bureau web site for more detailed data

Data on Older Persons -- Population, Health Status, etc.

Bibliography of Tobacco & Older Persons Articles

Smoking Cessation, Quality of Life & Older Persons

Tobacco's Impact on Older Persons Posters

Tobacco: A Legal & Policy Issue of the Elderly

Link to Tobacco & the Elderly Notes newsletters

Link to Tobacco & Adult Minorities site

Link to Tobacco-related Health Problems & Older Persons

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