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This site includes copies of all the issues of TCSG's newsletter, Tobacco & the Elderly Notes. These newsletters contain a wealth of easy to read articles on the topic of tobacco and older persons. These articles draw heavily upon, and reference, peer-reviewed journal articles, but are written for the general reader. We encourage users of this site to download copies of the articles and reprint them, with attribution, in other newsletters and publications; or, you may utilize the articles to write your own for your publications. Our desire is for this information to be used to protect this and future generations of older and younger people from the diseases and death caused by tobacco use and secondhand smoke.

Spring/Summer 1999

  • Healthy Lifestyles & Tobacco -- A Healthy Old Age Equals No Smoking

Fall/Winter 1998

  • Tobacco & Older Persons
  • Hispanic Adults & Tobacco
  • Native American Adults & Tobacco
  • African American Adults & Tobacco
  • Asian American & Pacific Islander Adults & Tobacco
Spring/Summer 1998

  • Posters Highlight Tobacco's Impact on Older Americans
  • Evidence Mounts of Tobacco's Wide-Ranging Dangers
  • Oral & Throat Cancer Attack Middle-Aged & Older Persons; Smoking is Primary Risk Factor
  • Heavy Smokers Vastly Underestimate Risk of Premature Death
  • Tobacco-Related Diseases Will Cost Medicare $800 Billion Over the Next 20 Years
  • Athletes Prevalent in Tobacco Ads in 1930s to 1970s When Today's Elder Started Smoking
Fall/Winter 1997

  • Smoke-Free Policies Encourage Elders Participation in Programs
  • Smoking Cessation & Tobacco Education Programs
  • British Playwright Tells Why He Stopped Smoking a Pipe
  • Three Million Smoke Pipes: Almost Half are Older Persons
  • Smoking & Wrinkled Skin Go Together

Spring/Summer 1997

  • 700+ Elder Victims of Tobacco-Related Fires
  • Fire-Resistant Cigarettes
  • Smoking-Related Fire Tragedies
  • Cig Fires Threat to Nursing Home Residents
  • Tobacco Industry Donations to Aging Programs

January 1996

  • Tobacco & the Elderly Project Announcement

Spring 1996

  • Why are 10 Million Older Americans Smokers?

Summer 1996

  • Health Issues
  • Public Policy Issues
  • Smokefree Public Policies
  • Michigan AG Sues Tobacco
  • Smokefree Restaurant List
  • Health Fair Boycott Gets Smokefree Shopping Mall
  • 66 Year Old Stuns Tobacco Jury Awards Victim $750,000

Fall/Winter 1996

  • 94% of Smoking Disease Victims Ages 50+
  • Liggett Admits Tobacco Lies, But...All Tobacco Firms Try to Avoid Responsibility
  • The Human Toll of Smoking
  • Cigar & Pipe Tobacco Industries Target Older Persons
  • Smoking Cessation Works

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