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Bibliography prepared by: The Center for Social Gerontology, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan

This bibliography, prepared by The Center for Social Gerontology in July, 2001, presents a comprehensive, albeit not all-encompassing, list of recent articles on smoking cessation and nicotine reduction concerning older adults, including minority older adults. Most of the articles in this listing were published after 1996 since TCSG's Bibliography of Tobacco and the Elderly Articles which can be accessed here, incldues a section on "Smoking Cessation," which lists articles on this topic largely published between the late 1980s and 1996. TCSG has produced this bibliography in the hope that it will assist others in conducting further research on smoking cessation and nicotine reduction targeted to older adults, and that it will encourage others to establish smoking cessation and nicotine reduction programs which focus on older adults.

To access the whole bibliography click here. This site is also divided into a number of sections so each section can be viewed individually, as listed below in the Table of Contents; the whole bibliography and sections are in pdf format

Table of Contents



Community Programs and Tobacco Control

Cost Effectiveness of Cessation


General Information & Overview of Cessation Approaches

Health, Smoking & Cessation

Individual and Group Counseling

Managed Care

Medical and Dental Advice


Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Non-Nicotine Replacement Therapy Medications


Other Cessation Approaches

Predictors of Quitting and Continuance

Printed Materials, Telephone Hotlines, Computer Generated Messages & Videos

Programs for Hospitalized Patients

Smokeless Tobacco

Smoking Reduction


Women and Tobacco

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