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    The Smoke-Free Environments Law Project (SFELP) is a statewide project which provides information, consultation and advice for businesses, local units of government, and individuals in Michigan on policies and practices to protect employees and the general public from the harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and to address the legal requirements and liability issues related to ETS.

ETS is recognized as a known human carcinogen, and scientific studies have demonstrated a causal relationship between exposure to ETS and lung cancer as well as heart and other diseases. ETS poses serious threats to the health of persons of all ages in public places and worksites. The effects of ETS on employees and on private individuals using public accommodations also create significant liability issues for the owners and employers of these facilities.

This web site is intended to provide information about ETS and the legal and liability issues related to ETS. While SFELP is a law project serving just Michigan, most of the information on this site is relevant to all states. The materials provided on this site are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be and should not be construed as legal advice.

This site is divided into the following main sections:

Recent ETS News Stories Updated February 10, 2011

ETS & Health Effects

ETS & The Law

Economic Impacts of Smoke-Free Environments

Public Opinion on Smoke-Free Environments

ETS & Apartments

ETS & Condominiums

Smoke-Free Regulations, Ordinances and Policies

PowerPoint Presentations on Smoke-Free Environments Issues

Clean Indoor Air Regulation Toolkit

TCSG Tobacco Site


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The Smoke-Free Environments Law Project is funded in part by a grant from the Tobacco Program of the Michigan Department of Community Health.

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