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In recent years, a number of states have taken the initiative to fund the development and operation of Tobacco Control Legal Centers as a key component of their comprehensive tobacco control programs. As these legal centers have developed, many of them have also obtained funding from sources beyond their state tobacco control agencies. Today, eight states have such legal centers, and a new national Tobacco Control Legal Consortium has been created which, among other goals, will assist additional states in developing such legal centers

To better assist individuals and organizations to obtain information on legal issues in tobacco control from the existing state legal centers, we have developed this section of the SFELP web site. Below you will find direct links to the web sites of the existing tobacco control legal centers, as well as additional information. The information on the web sites of these legal centers can also be used to assist others in developing new tobacco control legal centers in other states.



The following are links to state and national tobacco control legal centers, in alphabetical order of the states:

ARKANSAS: The Tobacco Control Center, University of Arkansas School of Law and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock

CALIFORNIA: Technical Assistance Legal Center

MARYLAND: University of Maryland School of Law: Legal Resource Center for Tobacco Regulation, Litigation & Advocacy

MASSACHUSETTS (AND NATIONAL): Tobacco Control Resource Center

MASSACHUSETTS: Tobacco Control Legal Project of Massachusetts Association of Health Boards

MASSACHUSETTS: Tobacco Control Technical Assistance Program of Massachusetts Municipal Association

MICHIGAN: Smoke-Free Environments Law Project

MINNESOTA: Tobacco Law Center of William Mitchell College of Law

NATIONAL: Tobacco Control Legal Consortium

NEW JERSEY: New Jersey Group Against Smoking Pollution (GASP) and Tobacco Control Policy and Legal Resource Center

OHIO: Tobacco Public Policy Center at Capital University Law School



The following are resources describing existing tobacco control legal centers and related information. In coming months, links to additional resources will be added.

Legal Resources for Tobacco Control: An 80 page guide describing tobacco control legal centers; guide prepared in November, 2001. This document is in pdf format.

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