The National Center for Tobacco-Free Older Persons (NCTFOP), formed in 1999 by The Center for Social Gerontology (TCSG), invites and encourages your organization to join a new NATIONAL COALITION FOR TOBACCO-FREE OLDER PERSONS. Below is a description of this new national coalition, as well as a brief note on the compelling need for it and why it's important for your organization to join.

Need: The need for this new coalition is particularly crucial at this time, in light of the following:

  • In coming months there will be very important issues surrounding the federal Department of Justice (DoJ) Medicare/Veterans lawsuit against the tobacco industry and any future settlement of that suit;

  • It is highly likely there will be federal legislation proposed to settle the DoJ Medicare/Veterans lawsuit and/or to deal with FDA authority to regulate tobacco, both of which have potentially very important implications for older persons;

  • There are currently many issues concerning the allocation and use of state tobacco settlement funds which need to be addressed from the perspective of older persons;

  • Little attention has been focused, thus far, on the health issues affecting older smokers and the effects of secondhand smoke on older non-smokers;

  • There have been very few intergenerational efforts to address tobacco issues of concern to older and younger persons; and,

  • There is a compelling need for older person's organizations to have a focused voice on the national and state levels on these and related issues.

    Timing: Because very important issues concerning tobacco and older persons are unfolding so rapidly on the national and state levels at this time, we would like to formalize this new national coalition during the month of March. Therefore, please fax or e-mail your response as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail, phone or fax.

    And, please forward this invitation to other aging organizations you believe would be interested.

    More info on tobacco & older persons & NCTFOP: For a wealth of information on this issue and on the NCTFOP, go to our web site at

    Jim Bergman
    National Center for Tobacco-Free Older Persons
    The Center for Social Gerontology
    2307 Shelby Avenue
    Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103
    Phone 734 665-1126
    Fax: 734 665-2071


    PURPOSE: To serve as a national voice for the aging community to increase the awareness of the public and policymakers about the effects of tobacco and secondhand smoke on older persons; to advocate on the national and state levels for policies and programs which will redress and mitigate the physical and emotional harm to older persons caused by the actions of the tobacco industry; and, to promote intergenerational efforts to create a smoke-free nation for persons of all ages.

    PRIMARY ACTIVITIES: To broadly disseminate information about tobacco and older persons to the public and policymakers; to convene periodic meetings to discuss key issues concerning tobacco and older persons; to issue press releases and policy statements on timely issues concerning tobacco and older persons; to serve as a national spokesgroup on tobacco and older persons; to increase the involvement of aging organizations in issues of tobacco and older persons; and to spearhead intergenerational approaches to addressing tobacco and secondhand smoke issues.

    MEMBERSHIP OPEN TO: Aging organizations with a national, state or area-wide mission, including, but not limited to: national aging membership or policy-related organizations; statewide aging organizations, including state offices on aging, statewide area agency on aging associations, and other statewide policy-related or programmatic aging organizations; and regional aging organizations, including area agencies on aging and other aging organizations serving a region of a state. In addition to the foregoing groups, we are particularly interested in having elder law organizations and groups representing communities of color who work with older persons.

    POLICY STATEMENT PROCEDURES: Policy statements will be issued periodically by the National Coalition for Tobacco-Free Older Persons to assure that these views are a part of the public discussion of national and statewide policies concerning tobacco and secondhand smoke. Any policy statement issued will list only those Coalition members who have signed on to the statement, thereby enabling members to have the option of signing on to any and all statements.

    COALITION COORDINATOR: As the founder, the National Center for Tobacco-Free Older Persons of TCSG will serve as the facilitator and coordinator for the National Coalition for Tobacco-Free Older Persons, including providing staff support for the Coalition.

    SIGN-UP FORM: The following form is for you to use to sign-on as a Coalition member:

    Yes, we wish to sign on as a member of the National Coalition for Tobacco-Free Older Persons.

    Organization: __________________________________________________

    Check one: _____National; _____State; or, _____Regional organization.

    Contact person: _________________________________________________

    Title of contact person: ___________________________________________

    Address: _______________________________________________________

    City/state/zip: ___________________________________________________

    Phone: _____________________ Fax: _____________________

    e-mail: ________________________________________________

    web site: ______________________________________________

    Please e-mail response to or fax to 734 665-2071.