Smoking Cessation Links for Smokers

Smoking Cessation Links for Smokers
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Below are links to websites where part or all of the website was designed to help individuals become nicotine-free. The websites include information on nicotine dependence, tips for quitting, available resources, chat rooms, e-cards to encourage individuals to quit, counseling, and more.

American Lung Association

American Cancer Society

Arizona Tobacco Education and Prevention Program (TEPP)
The Tobacco Education and Prevention Program (TEPP) has the goal of preventing tobacco use among Arizonans, especially children. They believe that anyone who wishes to quit using tobacco should have access to affordable, state-of-the-art cessation services and all Arizonans should also be protected from environmental tobacco. Information about their media campaign and local projects is available on their website.

California Smoker's Helpline
The website is supposed to be fun as well as informative. Everything from analyzing why people smoke to random facts to cartoons to totaling how much people have spent on cigarettes is included in this site.

Centers for Disease Control
This portion of the CDC website, contains useful resources for those wishing to quit. Tackling Tobacco
The site provides tips on keeping nicotine free, especially in the first 24 hours and a number of self-assessment instruments.

Foundation for Innovations in Nicotine Dependence (FIND)
While not a lot of information is on this website, there are some good articles as well as a chat room and message board.

This appears to be one of the best sites for people who are interested in quitting. Advice is offered on why people should quit, preparing to quit, ways of quitting, knowing what to expect, withdrawal symptoms, a guide to medications, how to quit for keeps, etc.

Massachusetts Department of Public Health-Try to Stop
The site features information on quitting in the Massachusetts area and allows people to view their ads. It also helps people set up a specific quit plan along with a personalized calendar. E-cards can be sent from this site, and success stories can be read.

Nicotine Anonymous
The site gives information on their 12 step approach for cessation, information on where to find meetings, and information how to start meetings in your area.

SmithKline Beecham Committed Quitters
This site allows individuals to take a test to see why they smoke and then gives them personalized advice on tips for quitting. Tips for reducing stress, how to handle cravings, nutritional information, what to do if you relapse and information on some nicotine replacement therapies can be found as well.

The Surgeon General's Tobacco Cessation Guideline
The site contains information for individuals who want to quit such as tips for getting ready to quit and making it through the first week, frequently asked questions, and myths about cessation. Health care professionals can find the 2000 Clinical Practice Guidelines, facts about smoking, and posters.

This is also one of the better websites for cessation. It helps smokers set a quit date and gives advice on how to prepare for it, has information about different methods of quitting, provides support via email as well as allow people to chat with other smokers/ex-smokers. It also provides a local listing of cessation programs.

Smoker Aid Program
Based on the answers to a questionnaire, a personal report can be sent to help individuals step by step towards smoking cessation. There are brochures for people who are smokers or ex-smokers, and individuals can write questions to a specialist in the field of tobacco and receive answers.