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[Name] County Public Meeting

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Why is [Name] County considering a Clean Indoor Air Regulation?

Why are [Name] County officials concerned about secondhand smoke in workplaces and public places?

Secondhand Smoke ...

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What is the source of all this data on secondhand smoke?

Thus, from a health perspective, the debate is over -- secondhand smoke is a serious health danger to persons of all ages, especially infants, children and older persons with respiratory problems.

As a result, the [Name] County Commissioners are concerned about protecting the public -- employees, employers and citizens of all ages -- from the health dangers of secondhand smoke in worksites and public places.

Therefore, the County Health Officer has been directed to develop recommendations for the [Name] County Commissioners to protect the public from secondhand smoke.

Among the recommendations under consideration is the enactment by the County Commissioners in 2002 of a countywide regulation which would do one or more of the following:

Make almost all indoor public places smoke-free, including:

Make almost all indoor worksites smoke-free, including:

Restrict smoking in restaurants, as follows:

Restrict smoking in bars, as follows:

Why are restaurants & bars being treated differently than other worksites?

In developing the recommendations for the County Commissioners, the Health Officer has been asked to gather input from the public. This meeting is one of a number called for this purpose.

For more information about secondhand smoke and smoke-free regulations, you may visit the following web sites:

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