It is important to note that the 2000 Amendments to the Older Americans Act also amended the 1987 Amendments to the Act regarding the White House Conference on Aging. TCSG did not, however, do an unofficial compilation of this section.

The 2000 Amendments call on the President to convene a White House Conference on Aging not later than December 31, 2005. They further set forth requirements for planning and direction, the purpose of the Conference, and a preliminary and final report on the Conference.

For those interested in doing their own compilation on the White House Conference --

The prior language which is being amended [Title II of the 1987 Amendments (Public Law 100-175, November 29, 1987)] can be found as an Appendix on pages 161-168 in the Committee Print of the 1992 Amendments used by many in the aging network. The Committee Print is: Compilation of the Older Americans Act of 1965 and the Native American Programs Act of 1974 As Amended Through December 31, 1992, Serial No. 103-E, US Government Printing Office, June 15, 1993. The prior language can also be found at 42 U.S.C. Sec. 3001, in the last footnote before Sec. 3002.

The new, amending language in the 2000 Amendments appears at Sec. 211, White House Conference, in Title II, Subtitle B--Amendments to the Older Americans Act Amendments of 1987. To access the 2000 Amendments in their entirety, including Sec. 211 on the White House Conference, click here.