Guidelines for Guardianship Service Programs:

Preliminary Guidelines for Development and Operation of Three Models –

Public, Corporate, and Volunteer


These Guidelines are intended to provide a basis for dialogue that will put area agencies and legal providers (in cooperation with the state legal services developer) on the road to addressing and resolving some of the perceived problems and improving mutual understanding.  They are intended for collaborative use to assess and improve legal delivery programs to more effectively meet the needs of older persons.  The Guidelines include two parts -- one on planning and a second on evaluation -- and an addendum that addresses the issue of confidentiality.

Part One, which is divided into three sections, deals with planning a quality legal assistance program. Part Two deals with evaluating existing legal programs, and is divided into three sections.

Each narrative discussion is followed by a list of questions to serve as a guide in determining whether a program is adequately and efficiently dealing with that aspect of program operation.

The Addendum is devoted to attorney/client confidentiality.

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