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ANNOUNCEMENT: Elder Mediation Annotated Resource Library Released

To download a printable copy of TCSG's Elder Mediation Annotated Resource Library, please click here.

The Center for Social Gerontology is pleased to announce the release of the annotated bibliography on elder mediation. The purpose of the bibliography is to provide a comprehensive listing and brief description of the universe of existing materials,
--books/manuals/reports, articles, and video/online information
--on the development, provision, and evaluation of elder mediation

The bibliography includes all items (see caveat) we have been able to identify as being directly related and that hit the conjuncture of mediation and aging/disability/health care. It does not include items not directly related to elder mediation, e.g. items on guardianship, capacity, long-term care, or the field of mediation generally.


·       Guardianship and caregiver mediation

·       Healthcare, Medicare, and bioethics mediation

·       ADA/disability mediation

·       Mediation of consumer disputes common to elderly

·       Probate mediation; elder financial planning issues

·       Long term care mediation

·       Elder Housing Mediation

·       Family Mediation - grandparent issues, family dynamics, divorce, lifestyle choices

·       Driving, living arrangements, personal and household care, and management


·       Capacity to mediate

·       Policy/standards/quality assurance for elder mediation programs

·       Training of elders to mediate peer issues

·       Referral protocols (as between senior mediation programs and legal services/Older Americans Act Title III)

·       Training curricula on senior mediation; examples of presentations

·       Use of problem-solving approach by staff, seniors, others - a "mediative approach"

·       Outreach/marketing/needs assessment

Please note that the inclusion of any item in this bibliography does not mean that The Center for Social Gerontology or anyone involved in its compilation is recommending or endorsing the content of the item. As noted above, it seeks to include the universe of items we identifies as being directly related to elder mediation.
With this caveat, we present this annotated bibliography.

To download a printable copy of TCSG's Elder Mediation Annotated Resource Library, please click here.

Authored by
Brooke McCreary Fajardo of
The Center for Social Gerontology, Inc.
with assistance from
Gerhild Bjornson, Ph.D., M.D.

Edited by
Penelope A. Hommel, Co-Director
& Robert J. Rhudy, Consulting Attorney
The Center for Social Gerontology, Inc.
Erica F. Wood, Assistant Director
ABA Commission on Law & Aging

Last Updated: November 2008
_ November 2008
The Center for Social Gerontology, Inc.
Ann Arbor, Michigan

****TCSG encourages interested persons to submit relevant materials regarding elder mediation to its office for consideration to be included in the bibliography at the discretion of an elder mediation editorial advisory committee. Submit materials to:

The Center for Social Gerontology, Inc.
ATTN: Brooke McCreary Fajardo
2307 Shelby Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103,
(734) 665-1126, fax (734) 665-2071,


The idea for the bibliography was conceived as a result of TCSG convening, in February 2006, a mini-summit of expert participants from the mediation and aging networks to address important challenges confronting the emerging field of guardianship/caregiver/elder mediation. Following the mini-summit, participants wished to continue their work together by formiung a Naitonal Elder Mediation Network (NEMN), and breaking into working committees orgainzed around the main themes of the mini-summit: (1) Essential Elements of a Quality Program/Service; (2) Ethics and Standards; (3) Training and Education; and (4) Marketing and Research.

The Marketing and Research Committee, chaired by Robert J. Rhudy and Erica Wood determined that it would be extremely helpful to the mediation and elder advocacy communities to identify and compile a comprehensive annotated bibliography on existing resources on elder mediation. In response, Brooke McCreary of The Center for Social Gerontology, Inc., with support and participation of the Committee Co-chairs and Members, took the lead in identifying and collecting existing resources, organizing them according to substantive and process areas, suggesting which should be included, and then reviewing and drafting brief descriptions of each.

There are a number of people who made substantial and important contributions to this effort and we extend our sincere thanks to them. They include:

Marketing and Research Committee Co-Chairs --

Robert J. Rhudy, Consulting Attorney, The Center for Social Gerontology, Inc., and President, Senior Mediation and Decision-Making, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland.
Erica F. Wood, Assistant Director, American Bar Association Commission on Law & Aging

Marketing and Research Committee Members --

Penelope A. Hommel, Co-Director, The Center for Social Gerontology, Inc.
James A. Bergman, Co-Director, The Center for Social Gerontology, Inc.
Neal Rodar, Founding Member of the Northstar Group, and Mediator in Residence for Woodbury College

Additional Assistance --

Gerhild Bjornson, Ph.D., M.D. -- Conflict Resolution in Health Care