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Best Practice

Vol. 9, nos. 1&2

On Delivery of Legal Assistance to Older Persons

March 1998

Reinvigorating Legal Assistance for the Elderly & Elder Rights Advocacy

As we have discussed in several recent issues of Best Practice Notes, legal assistance for the elderly has faced challenging times. However, in the past few months there has been an increased emphasis on reinvigorating legal assistance efforts. TCSG has worked to energize law and aging advocates in a number of ways, including 1) by focusing on the substantial elder rights advocacy that can still be undertaken by OAA legal providers who are also Legal Services Corporation (LSC) grantees; and 2) by bringing together a group of law and aging advocates from across the country to brainstorm on new ideas for delivering legal assistance to older persons.

The March issue of Best Practice Notes (BPN) is devoted to this theme of "reinvigoration." The main article explores what is and is not allowed under selected LSC restrictions that are particularly relevant to serving older persons, and highlights several exceptions that permit important elder rights activities when using Older Americans Act funds.

In addition, this issue contains a brief summary of TCSG's national symposium: Reinvigorating Legal Assistance for the Elderly. This invitational symposium brought together approximately 60 elder rights advocates from across the country to reinvigorate leadership and action for legal assistance and elder rights advocacy to the most vulnerable and needy elders. The two-day symposium generated a multitude of valuable recommendations which will help to shape future initiatives. (The next BPN will focus on these recommendations.)

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