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Best Practice

Vol. 10, nos. 1 & 2

On Delivery of Legal Assistance to Older Persons

December 1999

A Message from NALSD Chairman Richard Ingham

Congratulations to the Center for Social Gerontology for drawing attention to the key role Legal Services Developers can play under the Older Americans Act.

As Matthew Batista correctly notes in his article, the LSD is a position filled with potential, because details of the job are sketchily drawn in the OAA. Perhaps this is a virtue, allowing LSDs to invent the position and to show Congress, state directors and OAA partners all that can be done. TCSG has helped this cause by presenting the best practices of LSDs in this publication.

I speak for all LSDs when I ask our OAA partners, especially state directors, to help provide an atmosphere in each state where Developers can fulfill this potential. All you have to lose is an underused state employee. All you have to gain is more advocacy services for the vulnerable elderly.

Richard Ingham

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